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Protect Your Money — From a Bankruptcy

In most countries of the world, there is so-called deposit insurance.

This insurance usually is government-sponsored and guarantees that the amount you had in your account at a bank that, for example, went bankrupt, will be fully refunded up to the amount of the deposit insurance.

So if the deposit…

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Stability is an important concept when it comes to sorting algorithms.

It might help you to avoid unnecessary effort. And it shows very well that there is no sorting algorithm for all cases — it always depends.

But what is a stable and an unstable sorting algorithm? Let’s find out!

What we mean by stability

clio programming language

Clio is a quite young programming language. A programming language that compiles to JavaScript — no matter if for the browser or Node.js. While TypeScript is “just” a superset of JavaScript, Clio is something completely new. And it comes with exciting features.

Clio is a functional programming language. Even if…

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